About SVITM International School

"SVITM International School"
is one of the most prominent secondary school of India which has become the hallmark, in the field of education. The school is well known for its innovative teaching, methodologies, academic and cultural achievements. Its aim is to lay the foundation of student's life and spread the divine light of education by nurturing all its students. SVITM also endeavors to transform the entire education scenario of the nation by incorporating extensive measures in shaping the young brains on contemporary and futuristic issues.

We believe that Excellence in learning should not be limited within the classroom but should reach beyond it. That is why, we want our students in a learning mode throughout their life...

Our Vision

To ensure overall development i.e. physical, mental and moral development of the young kids keeping in mind the social and moral values, so as to help them to become a sucesful citizen of the nation.

Our Aim

In most of the pre primary and primary schools it has become a status symbol to follow the western pattern of education. we firmly believe, the education of the young kids is incomplete unless we follow indian pattern of education and tish traditions.

keeping this in mind, SVITM int-shas decided to educate our students with a mix of both western and indian culture and traditions to enable them to face the challenges of the time ahead.

We Believe

SVITM International School believes that every child (young mind is talented, skilled and has hidden capabilities).

The need is to explore and identify the hidden talent and capabilities by providing conductive environment in the school campus. The young energetic and highly qualified staff is capable to discover and guide the young mind in the right direction.

Our Wordings ……………………

"A Million miles journey starts with one step."

It is truly said and with the same we have begun the journey to provide each learner the necessary tools to reach his/her potential as well as to strengthen it with a life skills just to develop a questioning mind. We are providing all kinds of facilities to children for their best future. This year children enjoyed annual sports and got many prizes in SVITM International School.

"Talent wins games, but team work and intelligence wins championship."

Leading the same belief we are stepping forth to embrace the concept of "developing Unique potentials with different learning styles". This year we have focused towards High Order Thinking, Life Skills, Team work and spoken English. Students worked hard and learned many new things all over the month. Learning is something students do, not something done for the students. I think students of today are the visionaries and torch of tomorrow, when we develop personality, skills and minds we develop responsible human beings with leadership qualities.

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