Principal's Message

Principal Wordings......

Our children are the biggest strength of our country, our children are provided with good education and are healthy then are future would be bright. Choosing the secondary school for your child is one of the most important decisions you will make about their future. So why choose us and trust us with your child ?

At the SVITM International School, we are confident we can ensure the very best for your child. We have the necessary expertise to develop a highly appropriate curriculum. As an academy we have the freedom to access the best resources and insist upon high quality service for each individual child.

We do not believe in a "One Size fits all" approach. Our standards are high and we fully expect them to continue to rise. This promotes continual reflection of learning in the classroom to ensure your child will make good progress. We are an inclusive academy, our high expectation of parents, children and staff means that we can and to respond readily to needs of all children in the academy innovation to our school comes from our SVITM International School values of fairness, ambition and respect, which are hold dear, we believe that all children has a talent and can excel to something. It is our job to discover, encourage and facilitate experiences in order that your child will want to come to the academy every days to make friends, to enjoy the experience and succeed.

Excellence in academics is the hallmark of any good institution, we are positive that the students will do us proud.

Life is a journey the path we take, what we look back an and what we look forward to is up in us. I invite you to come and visit us and experience for yourself the confidence and can do attitude of our staff and students

"Talent wins games, but team work and intelligence wins championship."

Leading the same belief we are stepping forth to embrace the concept of "developing Unique potentials with different learning styles". This year we have focused towards High Order Thinking, Life Skills ,Team work and spoken English.Students worked hard and learned many new things all over the month. Learning is something students do, not something done for the students. I think students of today are the visionaries and torch of tomorrow, when we develop personality, skills and minds we develop responsible human beings with leadership qualities.

With Warm Regards.