School Programme

The primary school programme at SVITM International School comprises of lower and upper kindergarten (L.K.G and U.K.G.) years and classes I to V and middle section from classes VI to VIII.

The school follows an integrated curriculum, drawing on the programmes of the upcoming C.B.S.E Board.

In the kindergarten classes emphasis is placed equally on children's intellectual, physical and social development children learn through a combination of games, songs, dance and creative projects. They play with blocks, measure sand. They are taught to observe changes in the environment examine and sort objects, storytelling and role playing, drawing and tracing, creating patterns and developing skills of measurement; all contribute to the laying of sure foundations in literacy and numeracy.

In order to make learning both enjoyable and meaningful the kindergarten programme.

Creates an atmosphere where children feel respected and secure by providing a place of warmth, fun, joy and laughter.

Focuses on overall development of children through activities and experiences.

Offers a flexible and hands on approach which enables teachers to support children's interest, build self-esteem and confidence as well as support the development of skills in all cognitive areas.

Provides a learning environment that encourages children to look at multiple perspectives and development ability and attitude to solve their own problems as well as that of the global community, as they grow up.

Develops the individual talents and abilities of children and offers games/physical education western Music, Art and Craft, Speech and Drama, Indian Dance and Yoga as regular curricular subject.

Organizes field trips, picnics, celebrations of various festivals and occasions throughout the year, In classes I to IV, the focus is on encouraging inquiry, exploration and on inculcating confidence in key learning skills reading, writing, listening, speaking, information technology capability, problem solving, observation and measurement, Children are encouraged to speak and perform at assemblies, concerts, drama, production and thus gain confidence in their ability to communicate to a wider audience.

Our aim is to provide a board based curriculum which facilitates in depth study of the key dements of English, Hindi, Maths, Science, History, Geography, Art, Computer, Music, Yoga, Dance, Drama, Physical Education and personal social and health education.

The School children participate in music (Art, Dance, Yoga and other activities during their regular class time as well as participate in Co-curricular.